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Dawn Burnett has a passion for giving back

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A special Thank You to Notoriety Network for the Special Feature

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Thank You SHEROs

Each SHERO was carefully selected, a lot of thought and vision went into the #SHEROproject and when requests were submitted some SHEROs had no idea the depth that their story would hold.

A Special thank you to all the SHEROs for their courage and stepping forward with authenticity to share your story. All stories can be accessed here.

Testimony–“Thank you for what you are doing! You have helped me share my story for the first time even though I was scared, it was freeing. I truly appreciate what you have done for me!”__ SHERO Courtney Kessenich— Mrs. DC International 2019

SHEROs Unite

Next Steps…

The #SHEROproject is working with Keith Williams, comic book inker, who began inking regularly with the Web of Spider-Man. Keith worked on many other books at Marvel, including Star Trek and X-men. At Dark Horse Comics he worked on The Mask and Star Wars Droids. For DC comics he worked on Superman and many other incredible comics including ones for Moonstone, Valiant, and Avatar Press. Keith is well known for his amazing work on The Phantom.

The #SHEROproject is heading to MegaCon Orlando. Mark your calendars for April 16-20, 2020 come on out and join us, this is your opportunity to meet live super heroes. (This has been postponed due to COVID-19)

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A special Thank You to B.E. A S.H.ER.O. Foundation for the feature at the annual gala and appearances on the red carpet