Our Approach

Stories of abused women who have transformed their lives, they are thriving and using their public platforms to positively impact the world.

Our Story

After watching lots of coverage on the Me Too Movement and seeing women displayed as victims I wanted to create a space where women would be celebrated for their courage and known as Thrivers. A SHERO is a female Hero, she has transformed her life and is positively impacting the world. I Am a SHERO!

Meet the Founder

Dawn Burnett is a Transformational Divorce Coach and Wellness Strategist who is passionate about making a positive difference in the world. She has an impressive roster of media appearances from ABC, TBN, FOX, WKMG, Shape Magazine, Reader’s Digest, and much more.

It Takes Courage To Change Hearts

Dawn Burnett


Next Steps…

The SHEROs are featured on the Noteriety Network -Join the SHERO Project Movement!